IPL 2023 match between Delhi Capitals and Chennai Super Kings causes MS Dhoni fever to spread across Kotla.

With the support of the former India captain in Delhi, CSK hopes to secure a playoff position today.

IPL 2023 match between Delhi Capitals and Chennai Super Kings causes MS Dhoni fever to spread across Kotla.

In NEW DELHI: The MS Dhoni mania has spread to Delhi, and it will undoubtedly make Saturday's lunchtime match against the Delhi Capitals more heated.

In this year's IPL, Dhoni's campaign with Chennai Super Kings (CSK) across the nation is eerily similar to Sachin Tendulkar's final World Cup campaign in 2011. Dhoni's team still doesn't have a certain spot in the playoffs as it enters the final league game in second place on the points chart.

As much as this is about CSK making up for being last in the standings, it's also about Dhoni having the opportunity to return to the Chepauk and play there one more in the city that gave rise to his cult status.

To be honest, we haven't talked about it at all. Performing it for MS? Will this be his final campaign? We are unsure. He hasn't discussed that with the team, according to CSK batting coach Michael Hussey, who made the statement on Friday.
A contrasting narrative is presented by Dhoni's lap of honour following CSK's final league match at Chepauk and the jubilation surrounding his appearance at every stadium nationwide.

On Saturday, nothing will change at the Ferozeshah Kotla. As soon as tickets were on sale online, the game was deemed to be sold out. Although the Capitals were the first team eliminated from this tournament, Shane Watson, their assistant coach, doesn't mind ruining parties. But he will also be aware that riding the Dhoni wave at their own field will be difficult for his squad.

The support CSK has received thanks to Dhoni has allowed them to make a significant improvement over their forgettable previous campaign.
"The support we've had as a squad is fantastic, and MS is undoubtedly a huge part of that as the cricketing great of India. Every location we've seen has astounded us. The group just accepted it. You don't get the chance to play in such an environment every day. It sort of makes you more competitive. The energy is present in the earth, and it improves your performances "said Hussey.

Running an IPL team is modelled around Dhoni and the CSK model. When Watson was a member of a CSK squad that overcame difficult early phases to win a championship, he witnessed it firsthand. According to Watson, "What stood out for me was the steady leadership, with MS and Stephen Fleming and simply the composure they have throughout the business."

CSK doesn't frequently shuffle their team around. They don't make many changes to their team because they are quite stable. They are fully aware of their responsibilities. To instill calm inside the team and franchise, that is something DC needs to improve at, he continued.

The CSK group and their frightening army of followers exude an unmistakable excitement. The Kotla field, which is scorching in the intense mid-May sun, is probably in CSK's favour. Feel assured that Dhoni would have the support of the entire city of Delhi if he wins a game here and returns to Chepauk.