MS Dhoni's former teammate from India and CSK lashes out at Great's retirement talks, saying "Very Harsh For You All..."

Since the Indian Premier League's debut, MS Dhoni has served as a rock for the four-time champion Chennai Super Kings.
MS Dhoni's former teammate from India and CSK lashes out at Great's retirement talks, saying "Very Harsh For You All..."

The shrewd leadership of MS Dhoni keeps the Chennai Super Kings in the game. Since the Indian Premier League's debut, the 41-year-old has been the foundation of the four-time winners. Many believed that Ravindra Jadeja's initial selection as CSK's captain marked the beginning of the team's transformation process last year. But after a few games in which CSK faltered, Dhoni was once more appointed captain. He has been flawlessly managing CSK this season as well as making a bat-related contribution. The debate over his retirement, nevertheless, continues.

Murali Vijay, a former colleague of Dhoni's with the Indian cricket team and Chennai Super Kings, has taken offence. "It's a personal decision. It's past time for people to comprehend what a cricket player goes through. He has around 15 years of military service. So rather than placing pressure on him by asking when he plans to retire, we should give him room to make that choice. It's quite rude of you to ask this. "Everyone wants to know when MS is going to retire," Murali Vijay told Sportskeeda.

"It makes me so sad to sit here and respond to it. I recently retired, so I understand how it feels. I want to urge people to uphold that teeny amount of privacy since we have poured our hearts and souls into this game.

Moeen Ali, a seasoned all-rounder for CSK and England, downplays the widely held belief that this season will be the Chennai Super Kings captain's final outing in the T20 competition by saying that Dhoni "could definitely" compete in the IPL the following year.

According to Moeen, "He could definitely play again next year," according to "ESPNcricinfo". "Based on the way he's performing, I don't believe his batting will prevent him from playing, even in two or three years.

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"How he played (against Rajasthan) didn't surprise me. He's been hitting really well, according to what I've seen of him in the nets.

"It's really astounding to witness from someone so young. People sometimes overlook the difficulty of arriving so late, yet this is exactly why he excels in his position.