Lock Screen sharing, an updated Apple Music, a configurable App Library, and more features could be included in iOS 17.

Some of the improvements for iOS 17 are revealed in a recent leak.
Lock Screen sharing, an updated Apple Music, a configurable App Library, and more features could be included in iOS 17.

It's just a matter of time before more information about Apple's WWDC23 begins to surface, given the event is quickly approaching. Future software releases for the company's products have been relatively quiet, but despite this, many anticipate that iOS will once again take centre stage on the software front, with iOS 17 debuting alongside software updates for the iPadOS and macOS.

Setsuna Digital, who has released some early leaks that have come true in the past, has shared some new information concerning iOS 17 via Weibo. When it comes to revealing information early, the leaker doesn't have a particularly long track record, but according to 9to5Mac, the source did manage to leak the yellow iPhone 14. It's important to keep in mind that although this new information may be accurate, things could always alter because software is more malleable than hardware.

The forthcoming OS will undergo some fascinating, albeit modest, improvements, according to Setsuna Digital, like the torch toggle being modified and getting more precise brightness control. According to reports, users will also have more personalization options for the Lock Screen, including emoji wallpaper and varied font sizes. A new option to share personalised Lock Screen setups will also be available.

Apple Music will also undergo adjustments, relying more on images and less on language to explain what is being displayed on screen. Additionally, it appears like the software may feature lyrics that display right on the lock screen. The option to organise and customise the App Library is the last potential change. If all of these are implemented, there would be some wonderful quality of life enhancements, but nothing big.

The company's focus on its impending mixed reality headset may have caused a reversal from earlier reports that iOS 17 will be a major update. The capability to sideload programmes, which finally brings iOS and Android to some level of parity, may be one innovation that has delighted some iOS users. Although nothing formal has been announced on this front, Apple may be forced to introduce such a feature, at least in Europe, due to the EU's persistent pressure.

Redesigned Control Centre is another significant update that could appear in iOS 17. Although familiarity is good, new upgrades to Control Centre may be exciting. Control Centre has been a standard UI feature for iPhone users for a number of years. It's unclear at this time what changes, if any, will be made, but even something as simple as allowing users to personalise the Control Centre and its shortcuts would be a significant step. Of course, there's always a chance that the upcoming update may bring something fantastic, but until Apple makes the announcement officially, we won't really know what to anticipate.