WhatsApp is experimenting with multilingual Windows support.

Update for WhatsApp for Windows 2.2320.1.0: What's fres
WhatsApp is experimenting with multilingual Windows support.

The instant messaging service operated by Meta will now support multiple languages on Windows. The business has begun distributing a fresh update via the official beta channel for its newly released native WhatsApp client for Windows. The beta update's version number is 2.2320.1.0, and it can be downloaded via the Microsoft Store

According to WaBetaInfo, the most recent version of WhatsApp for Windows beta now supports multiple languages. Users will be able to use the WhatsApp app on Windows in their preferred language or their native tongue thanks to this capability.
According to the source, the multi-language feature is present in the most recent beta version and is now accessible to a limited number of beta testers. In the upcoming weeks, we anticipate WhatsApp to open up the feature to more beta testers.

Support for many languages in WhatsApp for Windows: How it works
According to the screenshots, users will be able to switch the language of the app right from the settings menu. As a result, the app now features a Language option in the settings that allows users to select the language of the app.

WhatsApp's message editing function
The ability to edit messages has recently been made available to all users of WhatsApp. Devices running iOS and Android can use the feature. Users can edit, alter, or add more context to a message that has already been sent. This implies that users can now edit the entirety of a message that has already been sent or merely fix mistakes. However after 15 minutes have passed since the message was sent, the edit message window is still active.

In addition, WhatsApp has made the Lock chat feature available on its platform. Users can lock specific chats with this feature, which secures them under a new Locked chats option at the top of the chat list. This function is useful if you only want to lock a certain chat rather than the entire app.