Rishi Sunak As UK PM: Joe Biden on "Pretty Amazing... It Matters

At the White House Diwali celebration on Monday, Joe Biden remarked, "And whether it's the United Kingdom, where just today we got the news that Rishi Sunak is now the Prime Minister.

At the White House Diwali celebration on Monday, Joe Biden remarked, "And whether it's the United Kingdom, where just today we got the news that Rishi Sunak is now the Prime Minister.

According to US President Joe Biden, Rishi Sunak's election as the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom is "quite astonishing" and a "ground-breaking milestone."The president said the festival of lights is a reminder that everyone of us has the capacity to banish darkness and bring light to the globe during his remarks at the White House Diwali celebration on Monday.

"It's a decision. And we decide that each day. It holds true for us and for our country, especially for a democracy, whether we are in America or for the family in India who are celebrating their country's 75th anniversary of independence "said he.

And whether it's the United Kingdom, where we just learned that Rishi Sunak has been appointed prime minister," Biden added to loud applause from the over 200 invited guests, who included the crème de la crème of Indian Americans and officials from his administration.

"Go figure, as my brother would say. The Conservative Party, too! When (Sunak) visits the monarch tomorrow, he is anticipated to be appointed prime minister, I believe. Amazingly stunning a revolutionary accomplishment. It also matters. It matters," Biden stated, praising the accomplishments of the Indian immigrant community.

When he chose Indian-born Kamala Harris as his running partner in 2020, Biden made history. As vice president of the United States, Harris is now the second most powerful person in the nation behind the president. She is the first person of Indian descent to hold the position.

Biden stated that he wanted to thank the Asian American community for its efforts and that there were now more Asian Americans than ever in his administration. "It has an easy message. Many thanks, many thanks, many thanks "said the president.

As we see it across the nation, opening homes and hearts and exchanging gifts and sweets and hosting feasts for family and friends, organising cultural programmes that bring us together... you contribute in every aspect of American life, the speaker thanked Indian Americans for bringing Diwali into American culture. The president said, "I want to thank you for expressing the heart of who we are as a country.

Biden greeted a happy Diwali to the more than one billion Hindus, Jains, Sikhs, and Buddhists who were enjoying the festival of lights in the US, India, and other countries earlier in a statement.

He stated, "We are honoured to light the diya surrounded by members of the most diverse administration in American history—led by Vice President Kamala Harris, the first Black and South Asian American to become vice president. We are hosting the official White House Diwali event.

Affirming the hope, bravery, and humanity of South Asian Americans, he said they exemplify the "spirit of who we are as a nation, whether helping us emerge stronger from this epidemic, developing an economy that works for everyone, or serving and defending our communities and our country."

He did warn that evil was "always lurking," though. "We have never fully lived up to the terrible fact that we are all created equal, and this has been a continual fight throughout American history. Diwali serves as a reminder that everyone of us has the ability to light up the globe by symbolizing the triumph of light over darkness, whether it is here in America or elsewhere in the world "said he.

"May everyone who celebrates Diwali have the chance to rejoice and connect, to experience the pride of community, and to remember the power in the gathering of light," continued Biden. "With prayers, dances, fireworks, and sweets."