'A really nasty scene': a plane crashes into two residences in California, killing two people.

At least two individuals were killed after a tiny plane crashed into a residential neighborhood of a California city, causing a fire that consumed two houses and many automobiles.
Plane crashes into California homes, 2 dead

On Monday, a small plane crashed into a residential section of a California city, killing at least two people and destroying two houses and several vehicles in the process.

Aerial footage from Santee, a suburb of San Diego, showed firefighters hosing down the burned remnants of the homes.

On an adjacent street corner, a burned-out delivery vehicle was also observed.

The plane, according to Fox 5 San Diego, was a twin-engine Cessna 340, a six-seat plane that had taken off from Yuma, Arizona an hour before.

The plane's remains were not visible in the aerial footage.

At least two people died in the event, according to fire official Justin Matsushita.

He told reporters, "It's a really horrible scene for our men, and we're trying to comb through it."

The whine of a falling plane was heard by neighbors, followed by a loud "boom" as it crashed


Several of them described how they ran to the blazing buildings and assisted victims with burns in escaping.

One woman claimed to have seen the delivery driver's body.

According to the city of Santee's official account, two persons were injured.

"A tiny twin-engine plane crashed into two residential residences in Santee at approximately 12:00 p.m. today," tweeted @CityofSantee.

"A fire hydrant and a delivery truck were also hit." At this moment, it is unknown how many people were on board the plane.

"At this time, we know of two burn victims who may have died."

Santana High School, which is nearby, said that all of its pupils were safe.

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