Massive wave strikes hard as China's immunisation promises fail in Xi Jinping's monumental Covid failure

Covid- Up to 65 million individuals are anticipated to contract the virus in China, where the number of cases is anticipated to peak in June.

Massive wave strikes hard as China's immunisation promises fail in Xi Jinping's monumental Covid failure

To combat the deadly Covid, which has been re-infecting its population, China has relied on domestic immunisations. But Xi Jinping and his government continue to deny that China's jabs are becoming less potent.


According to a Washington Post story, the number of cases in China is projected to peak at 19 in June and reach up to 65 million individuals.

This occurs just six months after China removed its Zero Covid restrictions, allowing the virus to quickly spread among the 1.4 billion people living there.

Covid spike plus less effective vaccinations = more hospitalisations

There is a chance that hospitals in the nation could experience a similar fate to January, when wards were packed with patients, people were sleeping on the floor because there weren't enough beds, and there were long lines of people waiting in mortuaries with the bodies of their loved ones to perform last rites.

Many Chinese people have reportedly claimed that they have contracted Covid-19 for a second time, according to a report by Global Times.

According to a report, the director of Shenzhen's Third People's Hospital claimed that 40% of COVID-19 patients who had been treated in the previous two weeks had reinfected symptoms, primarily fever, sore throat, and other respiratory symptoms, while 60% of patients had contracted the virus for the first time. Yet, the severity of the symptoms and the length of time they last in reinfected individuals are both rather minor.

Chinese researchers demand improved vaccines

A vaccination with improved protection against the XBB version must be developed, according to eminent Chinese scientist Zhong Nanshan.

According to him, three or four more XBB vaccinations will be approved soon in addition to the two that have already received preliminary approval.

Zhong Nanshan predicted at a biotech conference in Guangzhou that the current wave of infections will be less severe than the one that rocked China in late 2016 and early 2017.

Variation causing an increase in cases of Covid in China

According to Zhong omicron variant, XBB has been contributing to a rise in Covid cases throughout China.

The Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention ceased publishing its weekly numbers earlier this month as a result of this shift to accepting the virus, leaving many issues regarding the true severity of Covid-19 in China unresolved.