PM Modi's subtle jab at parties skipping the inauguration of the Parliament building: "Even Opposition attended Australian government ceremony

PM Narendra Modi finished his three-nation tour on Thursday and arrived in the capital. BJP leader JP Nadda and other party members greeted him at the airport with garlands. Speaking to the gathering, PM Modi criticised the opposition parties for skipping the ceremony to dedicate the new Parliament building.
PM Modi's subtle jab at parties skipping the inauguration of the Parliament building: "Even Opposition attended Australian government ceremony

From the India Today News Desk: After ending his three-nation visit of Japan, Papua New Guinea and Australia on Thursday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi flew into Delhi's Palam airport and made a subtle jab at the Opposition parties for skipping the opening of the new Parliament building on May 28.

In reference to the ceremony in Australia, which was attended by lakhs of Indians, PM Modi stated that in addition to Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese, the country's former PM and opposition leaders were also present for the benefit of their country.

PM Modi was greeted warmly by BJP members when he arrived at the Palam airport on Thursday morning. JP Nadda, the party's president, was also there.

The prime minister added, "I praise my nation before the world not with any hesitation, but with confidence and pride," as he spoke to the crowd that had assembled to welcome him. The administration that you all overwhelmingly chose, he said, is the cause of this.

He said, "When I speak, the world not only believes in me, but also in all 140 crore Indians that I speak for."

The prime minister claimed that the world leaders he met were "mesmerised and grateful" about India's G20 presidency.

Every leader I encountered and individual I spoke with was awestruck and grateful by how well India handled the G20 leadership. For all Indians, this is a source of immense pride, according to PM Modi.

To attend the G7 Summit, Prime Minister Modi travelled to Hiroshima, Japan. After that, he made his first trip to Papua New Guinea, marking the first visit to the Indo-Pacific nation by an Indian prime minister.

Anthony Albanese, his Australian colleague, invited him to visit Sydney as well.

The prime minister claimed that he made the best use of every moment that was available for the benefit of the nation.

He said many who criticised the decision to distribute vaccines to foreign nations during the Covid-19 pandemic questioned it.

"Keep in mind that it is the country where Gandhi and Buddha were born. We are compassionate people who care for everyone, even our opponents "Prime Minister emphasised.

The world is eager to hear about India, he added, and Indians should never speak about their wonderful culture and customs with a "slave mentality" but rather with boldness.

Modi continued by saying that the entire world concurs with him when he declares that any attack on the nation's holiest site is intolerable.