Imran Khan claims that the Pakistani military has announced its 10-year prison sentence for him.

Imran Khan claimed that the "goal today" was to degrade him by imprisoning Bushra Begum while imprisoning him for five years on sedition-related charges.
Voters reject the army-backed government, giving Thailand's opposition a major victory.

Imran Khan, a former prime minister of Pakistan, asserted on Monday that the nation's powerful military establishment intended to imprison him for the ensuing ten years on sedition-related charges.
The leader of Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf stated in a series of tweets early on Monday: "The entire London plan is now public knowledge. They have taken on the roles of judge, jury, and executioner while I was in the jail, all under the excuse of violence. The current strategy is to degrade me by locking Bushra Begum (Khan's wife) up while utilising a sedition legislation to imprison me for the subsequent ten years." The tweets were sent out during a gathering of PTI leaders that Khan hosted at his home in Lahore.

The 70-year-old leader, who has appeared in more than 100 court cases on bail, added: "They have taken two actions to prevent a backlash from the people. First, they have deliberately terrorised both PTI employees and regular citizens. Second, the media is completely in check and restrained." The sanctity of chadar and chaar dewaari, according to him, has never been defiled in the manner in which it is being done by these "criminals."

This is a calculated ploy to make people so terrified that they won't come out when they come to arrest me tomorrow. Then the next day, internet access and social media will once more be prohibited (which is only partially open). Police are brazenly mistreating the women of the homes while homes are being broken into, he added.

"My message to the people of Pakistan," Khan stated, "I would fight for Haqeeqi Azaadi till the last drop of my blood because for me death is preferable than to be enslaved by these assortments of criminals."

"I implore all my people to recall our oath of LA Illah ha illalah, that we bow to none other than the One" (Allah). Our future generations will only suffer humiliation and dismemberment if we submit to the idol of fear. Nations that are ruled by injustice and the jungle law don't last very long.

After locking himself in the grounds of the Islamabad High Court (IHC) for hours out of fear of re-arrest despite being granted bail on Friday, Khan returned to his Lahore house on Saturday.

The IHC granted bail to Khan, preventing arrest in any instances filed against him after May 9, and instructed him to seek additional relief from the Lahore High Court on May 15.

Khan added that the JUI-F "drama" taking place outside the Supreme Court has only one goal: to intimidate the chief justice of Pakistan into not rendering a decision in accordance with the Constitution.

He claimed that a similar brazen assault on the Supreme Court had already occurred in Pakistan in 1997, when PMLN goons broke into the building and forcibly removed Sajjad Ali Shah, one of the court's most esteemed Chief Justices.

Last Tuesday's arrest of Khan by the Pakistan Rangers on the grounds of the IHC sparked rioting in Pakistan that lasted until Friday and resulted in multiple fatalities as well as the destruction of numerous military and government facilities by the protesters.

The demonstrators broke down the barricades for the first time in the nation's history, entered the army headquarters (GHQ) in Rawalpindi, and set fire to the home of the corps commander in Lahore.

Khan's party claims 40 of its employees died as a result of security staff shootings, while the police placed the number of fatalities in the violent skirmishes at 10.